Data & analytics

Data & analytics

HIIP enables users to look at historical change of health-related indicators in all countries and areas of the Western Pacific Region. Data exploration, analysis, visualization and generation of analytical and information products: they can all be done with HIIP.

Users can tabulate data from multiple sources on a range of health indicators, compiling what they need for multiple countries and time periods. HIIP provides all elements of the metadata based on the WHO Indicator and Measurement Registry and allows users to adopt data  standards and harmonize indicators.

Click on the HIIP toolboxes below to explore health indicators in the 37 countries and areas in the Western Pacific Region.

Generate tables

Create data tables on single or multiple indicators, countries and years.

Create charts

Visualize data in line graphs, scatter plots, bar, pie and diamond charts.

Render maps

Plot indicators on a map to compare data across the region.

View predefined tables

Browse data on predefined set of indicators by country and year.

Access subnational data

Explore and visualize within country health disparities.

Access data by source

Generate tables from datasets of the Regional Health Data Bank and other WHO databases