About HIIP

Health Information & Intelligence Platform

Too often health information is hidden in isolated pockets or stored in ways that make it difficult to use and impossible to share. The Health Information and Intelligence Platform (HIIP) answers the call for health information to be accessible and user-friendly. HIIP provides access to the interactive database that contains all WHO regional and global collected health-related indicators. Using HIIP, policymakers, researchers and the public can compare, visualize and manipulate country- and regional-level data. 

Bridging the information gap
HIIP is a cross-cutting, regional initiative spanning all health programmes. It’s a collaborative public health platform that bridges the gap between the WHO Global Health Observatory and country level health information systems. The focus of the platform is to support countries to enhance their own health information systems and improve nationally reported health statistics. The tools on the platform help countries to improve data quality, data analysis and utilization,   and apply decision-making support.

Integrated database
At the heart of HIIP is an integrated database of health-related indicators. This enables users to compare data regionally, and because it is integrated with the WHO’s Global Health Observatory, users can use it to access global-level data too. The HIIP website is designed with users in mind, to enable easy charting, mapping and tabulation. HIIP encourages easy transfer of knowledge and promotes harmonization and standardization of health indicators used across the region.

Information for all
HIIP can be used by:
 • Policymakers
 • Researchers
 • Donors
 • National health officials
 • General public

Email us at HIIP@wpro.who.int.