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Western Pacific Country Health information Profiles: 2009 Revision

Western Pacific Country Health information Profiles: 2009 Revision

WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific
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Publication date: 2009
Price: US $ 15
ISBN: 9789290614425
Number of pages: 560

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The 2009 edition of Western Pacific Country Health Information Profiles (CHIPS) is an update of CHIPS 2008 revision. This publication comprises of country profiles and health databanks that contain the latest available information on demographic, socioeconomic and political conditions, health situation and trends, and health systems of each of the countries and areas of the WHO Western Pacific Region. The data are either supplied by the respective health ministries or compiled from national databases and reference libraries. Estimates and adjusted data from various published sources are also used.CHIPS also contains a statistical annex to facilitate intercountry comparisons. It summarizes most information in the health databanks and includes other data on selected health conditions and practices, such as HIV and obesity, smoking and drinking behaviour, and child care. It also contains human rights, poverty and gender-related development indicators, as well as major emergencies in the Region over the last two years.

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